Social/Behavioral Sciences Learning Center

We help you develop skills for learning

The Social/Behavioral Sciences Learning Center (SBLC) has a professional staff and tutors available to help students with most of their SB study needs, either by appointment or on a drop-in basis. The SBLC provides a variety of services which go beyond the traditional practice of tutoring, as well as resources to aid in student learning and success. The primary focus of the SBLC is to help students develop the skills to become independent, effective, and efficient learners.

Please call or email for the hours of our tutors in specific subjects. The SBLC offers tutoring (individual and group) in the following areas:

  • American Indian Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Climatology
  • Economics (micro & macro)
  • Education
  • Geography (Physical and Cultural)
  • History
  • Meteorology
  • Philosophy (Logic/Intro/World/Ethical)
  • Psychology (including Statistics and Research Methods)
  • Religion
  • Sociology

As the tutor's role is one of general support, ultimate responsibility for all work as to correctness, completeness, and responsiveness to the instructor's requirements rests with the student.

How to Receive Tutoring from the SBLC

Here are different ways for SCC students to receive tutoring:

Text Us: (480) 382-6239 This is the easiest way to get a hold of us, perfect for quick questions and to set up a formal tutoring session. We also can respond after normal business hours in most cases.

  • Video Conferencing: Drop-in tutoring is available, see the Tutoring Calendar below.
    1. View the calendar below this section
    2. Click the tutor’s name that is currently working
    3. Click “more details”
    4. Click the Video Conferencing link to join
  • Email:
  • Phone Call: (480) 382-6239
  • Appointments: You can schedule a time for one-on-one or small group tutoring via Google Meet, Phone, or any other appropriate venue by Email: or Text: (480) 382‑6239

We are here to serve you, so always feel free to ask us a question, we are ready and willing to help!

SBLC Hours of Operation & Tutor Availability