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Our entire team of advisors is here to help you succeed. Your advisor can help you clarify your academic goals, guide you to campus resources, and assist you in planning your semester courses and graduation pathway. The Advisement Center operates by appointment, so we encourage you to plan ahead.

Question about a Financial Aid Course Applicability email you received?

The process of checking your courses against what is needed to graduate and determining your financial aid is called Course Applicability. SCC Financial Aid sends emails about this process when you get admitted and register for courses. These don't necessarily mean there is a problem, but if there is one, getting it fixed will be very important.

If you received an email about Financial Aid Course Applicability and need some clarification, click the button below and let us know. Do not schedule an appointment.

I received a Financial Aid Course Applicability email and need clarification about it.

Before You Schedule Your Appointment

Not all situations require an advising appointment. Before scheduling your appointment, review the following situations and solutions. If you were intending on meeting with an advisor about these situations, you may not need to schedule an appointment.

Read me before proceeding

Contact the Admissions and Records Office at (480) 423-6100 or submit your request for assistance from your Student Email account to [email protected].

Attach a PDF of your unofficial transcript that shows you have completed the prerequisite. Know and include the five-digit class number of all classes you are needing help with.

When a class is closed, it is up to the instructor to allow more people in. Email the instructor of the course(s) from your Student Email account his/her permission to override their full class. If there is no instructor assigned (i.e., Staff), reach out to the academic department that offers the course. If the instructor responds with approval, forward the email to [email protected]. Include the five-digit class number of the class if it isn’t already in the email. A representative will assist in registering you for the course.

Visit the Maricopa Employee Directory. Type in the search criteria (i.e., instructor’s last name) and hit “Search”. Hover over the instructor’s name, and you should see their email address appear at the bottom left corner of your screen.

When you send a transcript to SCC it is processed in two stages.

  1. The first stage is documenting it has been received by the Admissions and Records office.
  2. The second stage is evaluating and posting the courses to your SCC academic record, and this can take up to 10-15 business days.

You will receive an email to your Student Email account when any official transcript has been evaluated and posted. Contact the Admissions and Records Office at (480) 423-6100 or email [email protected] to ask where your transcript is in the process.

First, review the information on SCC Financial Aid’s “What’s Next” website. If you have submitted your FAFSA with SCC’s school code, do not have any financial aid “To-Do” list items on your Student Center, and do not have any SCC awards listed under “View Financial Aid”, call 855-622-2332 for assistance.

Please follow the Steps to Graduation on the Graduation page.

Student Acknowledgement

I have reviewed the situations and solutions above and confirm that I need to schedule an appointment with my advisor.

I need to schedule an appointment with my advisor.