Counseling Services

How can we help?

The Counseling faculty are available to help students who wish to improve the quality of their academic and personal lives. We provide the following free services to currently enrolled students. Limited services are provided to prospective students.

Counseling: How We Help Flyer

Direct Care

Teaching and coaching on the following topics:

  • Holistic wellbeing
  • Positive Psychology practices
  • Motivation, grit and mindset
  • Self-efficacy and advocacy
  • Goal setting and time management
  • Problem solving and decision-making
  • Career/FOI exploration and purpose coaching
  • Research based study habits
  • Stress management, anxiety reduction and mindfulness techniques
  • Resiliency and self-care
  • Crisis response

Basic Needs Support

We can connect you to resources for:

  • Food insecurity/Hunger
  • Homelessness/Housing insecurity
  • Funds for unforeseen emergencies
  • Department of Economic Security (DES)

Counseling Classes and Workshops

We offer a variety of First Year Experience (FYE) and Counseling and Personal Development (CPD) classes – many of which transfer as university electives.

Community Referrals

Counseling faculty do not practice as mental health clinicians; therefore, you may be referred to one of the following community resources:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Long-term therapy
  • Clinical mental health care
  • Diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Resolution of significant past traumas
  • Specialized care (PTSD, addiction, family therapy, etc.)
  • Medication
  • Ongoing crisis and trauma care