First Year Experience and Personal Development Classes

Types of Classes

The Counseling Division offers a variety of First Year Experience (FYE) and Counseling/Personal Development (CPD) classes. Many of these classes will transfer as university electives.

First Year Experience (FYE) Courses

Beginning in Fall 2022, students starting an Associate degree program, taking classes at a Maricopa Community College for the first time, and/or submitting a returning student admission application must take an FYE101 or FYE103 course within their first two semesters.

The FYE courses are designed to orient you to SCC and guide you in developing your goals, graduation plan, and academic performance strategies. Discover which FYE course is right for you!

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Counseling/Personal Development (CPD) Courses

Resilience and well-being

  • Exploration of human resilience and well-being within the context of personal, academic, and career life.
  • CPD 180 (3 credits)

These classes will help you identify a college major, field of interest and future career. They will also provide you with strategies to be successful in college.