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SCC requires that all individuals wear facial coverings while indoors at any of our facilities and practice social distancing (3 feet) when on campus. SCC strongly encourages students to become fully vaccinated. SCC cares about you and your safety! If you are not feeling well, please do not come to campus.

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Paying for College

Tuition Payment Options and Deadlines

You must make payment arrangements by your due date in order to secure your class(es). Below are the (3) payment options to consider.

Payment Options

Option 1 - Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you have been awarded and accepted your financial aid (grants. loans, or scholarships) and your award covers the full cost of your tuition and fees, your classes are secured. If your financial aid award is less than your tuition and fees, please make payment arrangements to cover the balance. If you are using VA Education Benefits, please make sure to see the Veterans Services office to secure your classes. To monitor your progress, please check your Maricopa Email and Message Center regularly for awarding, scholarships, VA benefits, and new payment due date. If you have any questions, please contact your college financial aid office.

Option 2 - Payment Plan

Sign-up for a payment plan to hold your class(es) on the day you register. Learn more about paying using a payment plan. Monthly payment plan (administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce) using your Online Student Center. This includes a $15.00 down payment and a non-refundable $20.00 payment plan fee per semester for a total of $35.00 to secure your class(es).

Option 3 - Pay in Full

You may pay tuition in full using debit/credit card, checking/savings account, or prepaid/re-loadable card. Log into your Student Center account. Cash payments are accepted in person only.

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