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Student Business Services manages collection of tuition and other fees owed to the college. Tuition and fees must be paid or payment arrangements made by the due date to secure classes. There may be different due dates for registration fees and for tuition and class fees.

Payments must be received in Student Business Services on or before the due date. If you are mailing your payment, please allow sufficient time for the payment to be received by the due date. Payments can be made in Student Business Services during office hours.

Services offered

Our Student Business Services offer a variety of services to you. We can help you with:

Pay to Print

SCC has implemented Pay-to-Print for students. The following conditions apply:

  • Each student will receive 250 prints (equal to $25.00) per semester.
  • After the initial 250 prints are used, additional prints can be purchased from the Cashier's Office - the cost per print is 10 cents for black and white.
  • The prints are only available when the student is currently registered.
  • Unused prints are non-refundable and non-transferable from one semester to the next semester.

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