SCC's Orientation is designed to prepare you for achieving your goals and to help you discover and learn about the many resources that SCC has to offer. There are three main components of orientation:

Online Orientation

Our online orientation introduces students, parents, and community to the programs we offer at SCC and how to become a student at SCC. Through a series of video, we introduce you to our campus resource, explain academic pathways, introduce financial aid options, and share a little about our campus life and engagement.

  • Available to anyone, at any time, and at your own pace.
  • Discover our campus resources.
  • Learn about next steps to getting registered at SCC.
  • Ready to get started? Visit the ONLINE ORIENTATION portal.

Scottsdale Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR)

After you have completed the online orientation, you must attend SOAR to get advised and registered for classes if:

  • You have never attended college.
  • Have earned less than six college credits.
  • Are a former early college student: ACE, Hoop of Learning, or Dual Enrollment.
  • Ready for advising and registration? Review the SOAR schedule.

Note: Students with prior college credit (except early college courses, or less than six college credits) do not need to attend SOAR, but must meet with an advisor. Be sure to bring unofficial transcripts of all completed college coursework.

New Student Orientation (NSO)

New Student Orientation is for all new and returning students.

  • NSO’s take place right before each semester begins.
  • Learn about the specifics of your program.
  • Meet the faculty who teach in your program.
  • Ready to sign up for NSO? Sign up through the CLASS SEARCH page.