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Math Center

Beginning March 30th at 8 am, the Math Center will offer remote tutoring to students who are currently enrolled in mathematics courses at Scottsdale Community College. Remote tutoring will be offered online via Google Hangout Meet and can be accessed via computer or phone.

To access remote Math Center tutoring, follow these steps:

  1. Self enroll in this Canvas course
  2. Once inside Canvas, access the SC.Math_Tutoring course.
  3. To join a tutor room, click the Tutor Schedule link for the level course you are in (up to MAT14x which includes MAT082, 092, 095, 112, 141, 145 OR 15x or above which is all other math courses).

Some guidelines to improve your remote tutoring experience

  • Have ready a problem or a few problems that you have specific questions on. Tutors will likely be working with several students at once and will be rotating between questions.
  • While you can call in to speak with a tutor over the phone (just voice), your best experience will occur if you are able to interact via the camera on your phone or computer.
  • If a tutor is busy when you visit their room, you may wait in that room or check the Tutor Schedule link or calendar to see if another tutor is available at that time.

You can also access BrainFuse online tutoring. For more information visit Online Tutoring.

Our Math Center is a very important asset. It provides the space and resources for you to improve the quality of learning.

We are located in the Math Center in CM441A.

For information on renting a Graphing Calculator contact Media Center at (480) 423-6652.

Learn more helpful tutoring tips by reviewing the "How to Maximize Tutoring Services" PDF in the upper right.

SCC does not endorse any of the following, but students may consider using one of the following resources:


Just Math Tutorials:
Khan Academy:

Math YouTube Videos

Roberto Ribas:
Phil Clark:
James Sousa: