Math Center

The Math Center offers Free Tutoring

The Math Center offers free tutoring (in-person and remote) on a drop-in basis to students currently enrolled in mathematics courses at Scottsdale Community College. Remote tutoring is offered online via Google Meet and can be accessed via computer or phone. No appointments are necessary for tutoring.

How to Maximize Tutoring Services

  • You need help in completing homework assignments
  • You want assistance in understanding concepts or discussing ideas
  • You want to know more about study strategies
  • You believe you are beginning to fall behind and want some help

  • Course materials such as textbooks, workbooks, etc.
  • Class notes
  • Past quizzes or tests
  • Course Syllabus
  • Homework problems (showing what you have been able to complete yourself)
  • Good attitude & desire to learn

  • Help with exams, tests (without instructor’s written approval)
  • Do homework or assignments for students
  • Make up for missed classes or assignments or make up for pre-requisite courses
  • Teach new material not included in the coursework
  • Provide line-by-line correcting or editing
  • Cover a semester’s worth of material days in the few days prior to final examinations

Math Center Tutors

Tutors are available during Math Center hours listed on the left side of this page. To see their schedule and the list of courses they can tutor click the link below:

SCC Math Center Tutor Schedule/Calendar & Courses They Tutor

Tutor Schedule

The tutor schedule below should be current. For those who prefer to work with a particular tutor, we suggest calling the Math Center at (480) 423-6145 before making a trip.

The current schedule for SCC remote tutoring can be accessed from the SC.Math_Tutoring Canvas course (Refer to the instructions under the Remote Tutoring Services… area on this page).

In-Person Tutoring Services

Students can get in-person tutoring in the SCC Math Center (CM-441A) during the hours listed on the left side of this page.

Remote Tutoring Services (SCC Tutors)

Students can get access to remote tutoring from SCC math tutors by following the instructions below:

Remote Tutoring Services

  1. Sign in to your Maricopa Gmail account if you have not already done so.
  2. Self-enroll in the Canvas course "SC.Math_Tutoring".
  3. Once inside Canvas, select "SC.Math_Tutoring" and follow the instructions provided on the course Home page to connect with a tutor who is on duty.

This document has step-by-step instructions for self-enrolling and accessing the Canvas course.


  1. Sign in to your Maricopa Gmail account if you have not already done so.
  2. Log in to Canvas and go to the course "SC.Math_Tutoring".
  3. Open the appropriate Tutors Schedule and connect with a tutor who is on duty.

  • Have your questions ready before meeting with a tutor. A tutor will likely be working with several students and will be rotating between questions.
  • While you can speak with a tutor over the phone, your best experience will occur via the internet with a camera and a microphone using your cell phone, computer, or other device.
  • Tutors are not available 24/7. Using a bookmarked tutor’s Google Meet link does not guarantee that the tutor is available when you are trying to connect. Always check the Tutor Schedule shown in the Canvas course (SC.Math_Tutoring) and connect with the tutor from within the Canvas course.
  • If a tutor is busy when you visit their room, you may either wait in their room or check the Tutor Schedule shown in the Canvas (SC.Math_Tutoring) course to see if another tutor on duty is available.

Need help?

If you need any help with accessing your Maricopa Gmail account and Canvas, please contact the SCC Help Desk at (480) 423-6274.

External Tutoring Resources

SCC does not endorse any of the following, but students may consider using one of the following resources.

External Math Resources


Please Note: As the tutor's role is one of general support, the ultimate responsibility for all work as to correctness, completeness, and responsiveness to the instructor's requirements rests with the student.