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Facial coverings are recommended while indoors at any of our facilities. Social distancing (3 feet) is required on campus. SCC strongly encourages students to become fully vaccinated. SCC cares about you and your safety! If you are not feeling well, please do not come to campus.

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Accounting & Statistics Learning Center

How to Receive Tutoring

Here are different ways for SCC students to receive tutoring:

  • In-Person: In-person tutoring is available Monday - Thursday 8 - 10 am, 12 - 2 pm, and 6 - 8 pm  in BUS-112.
  • Online: Online tutoring is available via Google Meet. Tutors are available Monday - Thursday: 8 - 10 am, 12 - 2 pm, 6 - 8 pm, and Sunday: 6 ‑ 9 pm. To join Google Meet for tutoring:
  • Phone: Schedule a time to receive tutoring over the phone. Email Steven Force at to schedule a time.
  • Email: Receive tutoring over email by sending your questions to Steven Force at
  • Reviews: Reviews will be held in-person and on Google Meet. Click here to see the upcoming review schedule.

To join a review:

  1. Select a subject
  2. Select the session you want to attend
  3. Select "more details"
  4. Select one of the following
    • "Join Hangouts Meet"
    • link listed in the session details

Contact: Steven Force at or (480) 425-6717 with any questions.

Video Examples

Watch the example videos and recordings of accounting reviews now available on YouTube!

Free Tutoring Services

Free tutoring services are available for students currently enrolled at SCC in the following courses:

  • ACC 111: Principles of Accounting I
  • ACC 112: Principles of Accounting II
  • ACC 211: Financial Accounting
  • ACC 212: Managerial Accounting
  • GBS 221: Business Statistics

As the tutor's role is one of general support, ultimate responsibility for all work as to correctness, completeness, and responsiveness to the instructor's requirements rests with the student.

Review Schedules