Workforce Training

Certificates of Completion

Scottsdale Community College offers a variety of workforce training options ranging from a single credit class, micro-credentials, and certificates of completion to degrees in an effort to accommodate all learners. Upon completion, many of the available options lead to immediate employment for job seekers or promotional opportunities for those already employed.

A micro-credential is typically defined as requiring 10 or fewer course credits to complete and generally takes the least amount of time to complete. A certificate of completion ranges from a 3-credit course that can be completed in a few short weeks to 40 credits that can be completed in approximately three to four semesters. A degree program typically constitutes 60-course credits and is completed in four or more semesters.

Note: Time estimations will vary depending on whether you are taking classes part- or full-time.

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Micro-Cert Academy

SCC's Micro-Cert Academy provides an array of short-term training experiences that enable job seekers or working professionals the chance to learn specific skills in high-demand fields.

Learn more about the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the WIOA Approved Programs offered at SCC.