Customized Training Programs

SCC can meet your business needs

Working with your organization, SCC can create or deploy uniquely designed training options that meet the needs of your organization.

Here are examples of some of the work we are doing:

Work examples

A national employer offered its incumbent workers the option to pursue educational options at Maricopa Community Colleges, including a Certificate of Completion in Data Analytics from SCC. The coursework would be applicable immediately in the employees' day-to-day work allowing them to upskill while on the job.

The closed cohort of employee students progressed through the sequence of courses together, with the option to meet (virtually) with the instructor during a designated lab session each week. This program launched in 2020 and continues today.

Simultaneous experience for students to achieve a degree (or certificate of completion) while working for an employer partner in the same field as their academic pursuits. In this model, students gain on-the-job training that complements what they are learning in the classroom; while employers invest early in future employees and benefit from the additional talent or work output.

A national employer's software development team supports a specialized accounting system within its enterprise. The team needed to learn foundational principles related to accounting enabling them to be more effective in their roles. In partnership with the business team lead, SCC developed a short-term training option to exclusively support the software development team's knowledge gap. Participants were able to successfully approach their day-to-day roles with a new perspective and understanding of the functionality of the system they supported.