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Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing
Physical Wellbeing
Artie's Fit Market
Artie's Fit Market
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What it's all about: Recognizing the role physical activity, healthy nutrition, and adequate sleep play in the state of your body, mind, and spirit

Some questions to ask yourself to gauge your Physical Wellbeing:

  • Do I engage in cardiovascular exercise 3-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes?
  • Do I engage in flexibility exercise/ stretching?
  • Do I engage in strength training/ resistance exercise 2-3 times per week?
  • Do I eat a nutritious diet?
  • Do I get 7-8 hours of sleep on average/night?
  • Do I practice moderation in all areas of my life?
  • Am I safe when it comes to my sexual interactions?
  • How often do I binge drink? (Males: 5+ drinks in about 2 hours, Females: 4+ drinks in about 2 hours)
  • Do I use tobacco products?
  • Do I use illicit drugs (e.g. marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy)?
  • Do I use prescription medication that is not prescribed to me (e.g. Adderall, Xanax, Valium)?

Want to increase your Physical Wellbeing? Here are a few suggestions and resources:

To talk to an SCC Counseling Faculty Member about anything related to your holistic wellbeing, or to create a Wellbeing Action Plan, email us at or call us at (480) 423-6524.