Financial Wellbeing

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Financial Wellbeing
Financial Wellbeing

What it's all about: Understanding your current financial state and future financial goals, and feeling able to successfully manage financial expenses

Some questions to ask yourself to gauge your Financial Wellbeing:

  • Do I have knowledge of resources that will help fund my education and pay for living expenses?
  • Am I confident that I can plan a financial budget?
  • Do I track my spending to stay within my budget?
  • Do I think it is important to spend less than I earn?
  • Am I prepared for all expenses, including short-term, long-term, and emergencies?
  • Do I understand how loans and interest rates work?
  • Do I feel stressed by the amount of money I owe (credit cards, student loans, etc.)?
  • Do I feel stressed about my finances?

Your Beliefs about Money are Holding You Back

Want to increase your Financial Wellbeing?

Here are a few suggestions and resources:

  • Want to learn more about paying for your education? Learn more through the Financial Aid department and website.
  • Complete the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid -  each year.
  • Take an online financial literacy class – such as the ones offered by CashCourse. 
  • Research financial literacy strategies in the SCC Library.
  • Want to learn how to negotiate your salary and benefits? Take a free course offered by the AAUW. 
  • Don’t put it off - identify and address any financial problems before they start.
  • Keep organized records of your finances.
  • Take advantage of student discounts.
  • Plan ahead and set budget goals. 
  • Need help managing the stress associated with your finances? Talk to an SCC Counseling Faculty member!
  • Experiencing an unexpected financial crisis that could impact your ability to stay in school? Talk to a counselor or faculty member about ways to get help!