Career Wellbeing

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Career Wellbeing
Career Wellbeing

What it's all about: Personal satisfaction and enrichment derived from one’s work, and/or actively preparing for a life of meaningful work

Some questions to ask yourself to gauge your Career Wellbeing:

  • Am I confident about my career decisions or career path?
  • Do I feel excited about my future?
  • Do I envision my future career as a means to contribute to society?
  • Do I feel that my current studies will be helpful to my future career?
  • Do I feel that my major/career decision is an appropriate expression of my abilities and personal strengths?
  • Do I understand what it means to do meaningful work?
  • Is there a problem or challenge in the world today that I would like to address or solve?

If you are currently working:

  • Do I feel that I work in a positive environment?
  • Do I feel that I work in a stressful environment?
  • Do I feel that my current job interferes with other aspects of my life?
  • Am I able to balance my current job with the rest of my life?

Want to increase your Career Wellbeing?

Here are a few suggestions and resources: