Utility Cart Guidelines

Purpose of Guidelines

The following guidelines establish the operational safety measures to be followed by Scottsdale Community College personnel who operate utility carts (electric or gas powered carts and/or similar type vehicles). It is the intent of these guidelines to prevent injury to pedestrians, utility cart operators, and their passengers. The guidelines establish the requirements for safety devices, operating procedures, laws, operator and supervisor accountability, and enforcement.

Statement of Guidelines

All cart operators must meet the following criteria before operating a cart on property under the jurisdiction of the Maricopa County Community College District:

  • Possess a valid Arizona driver’s license.
  • Full-time out-of-state students who have a valid driver’s license from their state of residence are exempted from the requirement of obtaining an Arizona driver’s license for only that period of time allowed by Arizona law; however, these students must still know and adhere to the State of Arizona motor vehicle laws.
  • College-owned carts are to be used for college business only.
  • Contractor and vendor owned carts operated on District owned or leased property shall comply with the guidelines stated herein.
  • All District employees must pass a written test with a passing score of 80%. The test may be taken at the Public Safety office.


The immediate supervisor and any utility cart operator must review these guidelines and related campus specific utility cart procedures and amendments annually or as situation warrants, and provide each operator with a copy of such. Violations of the guidelines will be reported to the Public Safety Office as an Incident Report. The operator’s supervisor shall be notified. The privilege of operating a utility cart may be revoked at any time.

Ready to Drive?

You must complete all steps & have a valid AZ driver license to qualify.

If you’re ready – let’s go!

We’ll see you on campus in your cart.