Request Keys & ID Card Access

Key / ID Card Requests

If you are a supervisor who would like to request new or additional building access for an employee, a key request must be submitted to the College Police Department and the campus locksmith. A request for an ID card to be programmed must be submitted to the College Police Department.

For a key and/or ID Card please complete the Key/ID card Request Form and submit it to Sally Tournay at [email protected] and to Keith Rachel at [email protected]. The form may be submitted in person or emailed. 

Please expect a processing time of 72 hours for keys. Keys shall be picked-up and signed for at the College Police office (LiB-450) Monday-Friday, 7 am – 9 pm, or by appointment. If keys are not picked up by the owner within thirty days of notification they shall be returned to the key shop.

Programmable ID access cards are issued by College Police, which is located at the Northeast corner of the Library building. Once you obtain a card, it must be programmed. The card cannot be issued or programmed without a completed key/ID card request form. It may take 24-48 to complete the programming process.

When a key or an ID access card is assigned to an employee, they are responsible for the return of the key/card at the completion of their assigned duties.

All keys/cards shall be returned to the College Police office.