Filing a complaint against a College Police employee

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Effective interactions with the public form the cornerstone of successful policing, the administration of justice and ultimately contributes to public safety. Every effort shall be made to enforce the law impartially and to deliver services in an equitable, courteous and professional manner. Public trust, along with our individual and institutional integrity depends upon being open and transparent in the way that we perform our duties and deliver services to our community. The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Department of Public Safety encourages both positive and negative feedback on any aspect of the services provided by the department. Review of feedback, whether compliment or complaint, is extremely valuable.

It is the position of the MCCCD Department of Public Safety to accept all complaints filed upon members, or questions concerning Department procedures or the enforcement of Administrative Regulations and the law. The Department will thoroughly investigate all allegations of misconduct and will evaluate concerns about procedures, practices and enforcement standards.

All complaints, including anonymous, personal knowledge, or on behalf of another person will be accepted and investigated. Complaints, concerns and other feedback may be submitted in the following ways:

  • In person at any College Public Safety office or at the District Office
  • To any MCCCD DPS employee
  • By mail at: MCCCD DPS 2411 W. 14th Street Tempe, Arizona 85281
  • By telephone at (480) 731-8949
  • Online at: