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Here you will find information regarding employee parking, driving campus vehicles, obtaining keys, ID Card access, and what do do in case of employee injury (industrial injury).

Driving Campus and District Vehicles

In order to drive any MCCCD vehicle, or be reimbursed for mileage on a personal vehicle, an employee must be a registered driver with the district. There are three steps to this process:

  1. Complete the online defensive driver’s test. Steps to do so are on Training Self Enrollment Step website.
  2. Complete the Travel Acknowledgement form on the district web site. Use your email address and e-mail password to access the site.
  3. After completing and passing the defensive driving test you will need to bring a valid AZ driver’s license to the College Police Department where you will be asked to sign a Motor Vehicle Record and Driving History Release for Employees. This form can be obtained at the College Police office. College Police will obtain your driving history and either approve or deny your request based on District policy.

To verify your eligibility click on the HRMS link and follow the instructions listed below:

  • Enter your MEID & Password, click on LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT, proceed to TRAINING SUMMARY and/or MARICOPA TRACKING where you can see your training history.

IMPORTANT: Please allow five business days for College Police and Facilities to process your driving request.

Staff Parking Permits

Visit Parking Permits and Parking Regulations for more information.

Request Keys & ID Card Access

Visit Request Keys & ID Access for more information.

Industrial Injury

Report ALL accidents and incidents, even if medical treatment is unnecessary. The Maricopa Community Colleges provides, at no cost to the employee, Industrial Compensation Insurance. A work related injury or illness is one in which the injury or illness arises out of the course of your employment during working hours.

Any injury to an employee during working hours must be reported immediately to their supervisor and College Police. The employee and the supervisor must complete the Supervisor’s Report of Industrial Injury. If medical attention is sought, the Supervisor’s Report of Injury is to be forwarded to the College Police Office, immediately.

The safety office will complete the Employer’s Report of Industrial Injury. All completed forms are then forwarded to the Employee Benefits Department at the District Office. All injuries must be reported and forms completed within 24 hours from the time of injury.

When medical attention is needed, pursuant to ARS 23-908 Sec. E, the employee proceeds to the nearest Concentra Medical Center (CMC) or Healthworks Medical Walk-in Centers (HW MWI) for initial treatment of the injury. If there is a life threatening situation, call 911 for ambulance transport to the nearest hospital emergency room.