Public Use of Scottsdale Community College

Expressive Activity

MCCCD has a long history of supporting expressive activities that are conducted on campuses. For the purposes of avoiding disruption or interference with its educational activities, while protecting the rights of the members of the campus community and their invited guests to express themselves and access information, this administrative regulation governs the Use of College Grounds by Affiliated Users for Expressive Activity in MCCCD Policy 2.4.14.

Requests to Attend Class to Register Students to Vote

Faculty may decide who is an appropriate guest to invite into their classrooms, weighing whether the request fits within the parameters of their course and does not create a disruptive influence on the educational environment.

Voter Registration Outside the Classroom

Registering voters is a protected expressive activity and should be allowed without further need to process or manage the activity unless the person or entity is requesting reserved space or equipment (such as a table) or is actually presenting a substantial disruption. To reserve a table, please contact the Office of Student Experience & Leadership at (480) 423‑6590.

Petitions/Signature Gathering

For complete procedure for petition signature solicitation, please review Administrative Regulation 2.4.8, which outlines the SCC procedure.

Days, Time, Location: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 am-4:00 pm. Representative must stay in designated location on campus, and will be provided a table and two chairs.

Procedure: Prior notice must be provided by completing a Petitioner Request form no fewer than three (3) business days before soliciting signatures. On the day of visit, check in with the Center for Civic & Global Engagement (SC-185) and receive a petitioner badge.

Campus restrictions regarding location, time, date, and use of amplification may apply.


Scottsdale Community College facilities are primarily utilized for the benefit of our students and campus community. Schedule permitting, however, we try to support the needs of local business, industry, non-profits, and the general community by renting facilities at fair value rental rates as determined by Maricopa County Community College District.

Note: SCC requires twenty (20) business days for processing prior to your requested date(s) and may require additional time for more complex events. To reserve a table, please contact the Facilities Scheduling Services at (480) 423-6417.

Schedule permitting, approved vendors may visit campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10am to 6pm. Location: Student Center (SC), East Patio.

  • Fee Payment: $50.00 per day, or $125.00 per week (a week is defined as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the same calendar week).
  • Fee includes: one table and two chairs for each fee-paying vendor/solicitor.
  • Vendors are required to adhere to all of the procedures listed in the Rental Procedures