Student TechCenter

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The SCC Student TechCenter provides assistance in computer and software usage. You must be a currently registered student at SCC or in a NAU Bachelors or Masters Degree Program to use the Student TechCenter.

The TechCenter's features include:

  • group collaboration rooms with large flat-panel monitors and white boards,
  • laptop or Blu-ray player can be checked out for use in the group rooms, a
  • dedicated wireless counter in the TechCenter with cable jacks - no more pushing away keyboards, a
  • mice wireless counter outside the TechCenter - for those who must have their morning coffee with them, and a
  • new copier.

If you're looking for space to study, visit the Reserve a Study Space page for more information.

Priority of Computer Use

  • Disabled students have priority on the Handicapped Station.
  • Please limit your time on the scanner stations to 20 minutes.

Available Assistance

The TechCenter provides both mini-courses on and one-on-one help with mySCC, Microsoft Office, Canvas, and SCC WiFi. Homework assistance is also available. Please be aware that the TechCenter staff can not interpret of what an individual instructor requires nor do homework assignments for you. Contact your instructor for issues that cannot be resolved by the lab staff.

If you need more help than the lab is able to provide, seek additional help from your instructor and/or ask your instructor if his/her Department offers free individual tutoring. See “Other SCC Computer and Tutoring Resources.”

Cell Phones

no food and drink allowed in study rooms
Food and drinks with loose lids are not allowed in the Student TechCenter.

Please set pagers and cell phones to silent mode and take phone conversations outside.


No food or drinks with loose lids are permitted in the computer lab area. Bottles or other containers that have a secure screwed-on lid may be placed on the floor.


No Children Please! Insurance policies prohibit children in the computer lab area.


Please help keep the computer lab and equipment neat and clean by picking up after yourself. There are paper recycle bins for computer paper and trash cans for all other trash.