HyFlex Classrooms

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HyFlex classrooms are equipped with special technology for teaching HyFlex courses, where the instructor teaches both in-person and online students at the same time. HyFlex classroom technology includes video conferencing, lecture recording, and multiple screen-sharing options designed to deliver a high-quality interactive experience for students enrolled in HyFlex courses.

HyFlex Courses

HyFlex is a combination of in person, live online, and on your own time online modalities. In a HyFlex course, students can choose to attend class either in-person or online throughout the semester. Faculty may require students to select one modality per week, which students should confirm with the instructor.

Classroom Locations

HyFlex classrooms are conveniently located in many buildings on the SCC campus. Toggle the headings below to view classroom locations for each building.

Classrooms featuring HyFlex Technology

  • AB-122

  • AP-275
  • AP-293
  • AP-294

  • BUS-101
  • BUS-102
  • BUS-103
  • BUS-105

  • CM-447
  • CM-453
  • CM-454
  • CM-460
  • CM-465

  • LC-359
  • LC-360
  • LC-361
  • LC-369
  • LC-428
  • LC-430

  • LIB-425

  • MUS-136

  • NS-205
  • NS-313
  • NS-315
  • NS-406

  • SBE-184
  • SBE-185

  • SC-105
  • SC-209

  • SL-109
  • SL-116