Service-learning for Community

What is Service Learning for Community Partners?

Service-learning is a learning approach that involves students collaborating with faculty and community partners like non-governmental organizations or government agencies. Together, they develop a project that applies to the course content and community-based activities.

Community partners play a vital role in our SCC students' academic journeys. As a community partner, you have a unique chance to guide SCC students on broader social, cultural, and political topics that shape our world. Additionally, you can equip them with knowledge about the community or population they work with and the services they provide. This can help them better understand their work and the impact they can make.

Are you interested in becoming a community partner and working with our students? Please contact our office at (480) 423-6590,, or submit the Community Partner Information form.


  • Provides human resources to meet needs
  • Offers ways to expand services
  • Renews sense of community and citizenship
  • Enhances relationships with college
  • Encourages participatory democracy
  • Allows for contribution to educational process
  • Enriches roles for supervisors

  • Students support your organization and community needs!
  • Students participating in service-learning can either come to your agency or create an event on campus through a class, group, or individual project.
  • Students learn from you, your organization, and the community! As a professional in the field you have an opportunity to mentor those that will work alongside and after you.

You should note that, while related, service-learning is different than traditional volunteerism. Service-learning is a teaching-learning approach where equal value is placed upon the service to the community and the learning for the student.

At Scottsdale Community College, for a volunteer experience to be considered service-learning it must:

  1. be intentionally connected to the curriculum;
  2. meet a need determined by your agency;
  3. be critically reflected upon by the service-learner (this is where the learning occurs); and,
  4. be celebrated.

As a representative of your non-profit organization, you are able to assist with the first two steps.

Interested in becoming a community partner and working with our students? Please contact our office at (480) 423-6590,, or submit the Community Partner Information form.