What's Next

What happens after Scottsdale Community College receives my information?

It is the student's responsibility to check their financial aid status on the Student Center online system regularly. Students must also set up their Maricopa Gmail account and check it regularly. You can view the financial aid documents that are being requested from you under your To Do List in your Student Center Task Tile. You can see if you've been awarded by clicking the Financial Aid Tile and viewing your award summary.

Important Things Students Should Know How to Do

  1. View additional documentation that is being requested in the Student Center
  2. View your awards in the Student Center by clicking on the Financial Aid Tile

Students must submit all information requested by the financial aid office to complete their financial aid file.

The Financial Aid process can vary from 4-8 weeks from the time you complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to the time we offer you a financial aid award. Certain things, such as being selected for verification or needing to appeal, can lengthen the processing time. Also, students who complete the FAFSA or submit required paperwork close to the start of the new semester will also have a longer processing time.

Students should submit all requested documentation to the Financial Aid office; this information has to be submitted before we can review your eligibility for aid. Once your file is complete, your file will be reviewed, and if eligible, you will be awarded and receive an award notification with information on what type(s) of aid you are eligible for. Students who wish to receive Stafford loans must also complete an online Master Promissory Note.

Students should notify our office if you are receiving awards or benefits not listed in your Award Summary, or if you need to reduce or cancel your award.

Students must be enrolled in the FA Load minimum required hours (if a student is not enrolled when they are awarded it is anticipated that the student will attend at least 12 credit hours, if a student is enrolled at the time of awarding then the award is based on the number of credits a student is actually enrolled in), in order to receive the financial aid offered. Additionally, you must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester at SCC to receive loans. Enrolling in classes with late start dates may delay disbursement of funds. For more information on financial aid terms and conditions for financial aid recipients read the section called Award Notification.

Important Information

  • Federal financial aid may only be received from one institution for the same period of enrollment.
  • Should your award include a loan, you have an obligation to repay those funds, even if you withdraw from your course(s).
  • Students are expected to understand their responsibility in regards to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for federal financial aid recipients. Failure to maintain SAP may result in withholding or canceling part or all of your financial aid awards.
  • All awards are subject to review and/or modification based on changes in eligibility, academic status, failure to comply with federal/state laws and regulations, and/or college policies.