Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE:   All student enrollment and support services are available online only (connect with SCC here). Most Spring 2021 Semester classes are being held online, and students should contact their instructors for additional information.

Important Dates

  Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021
Semester Start Date 8/22/2020 1/16/2021 6/01/2021
Semester End Date 12/18/2020 5/14/2021 8/5/2021
Pell Recalculation Date 8/31/2020 1/26/2021 6/2/2021
Consortium Agreements Due 8/31/2020 1/26/2021 6/2/2021
Book Advance Dates 9 days before the start of the semester*
*This is the earliest timeframe in which book advances will begin to be processed. The processing timeframe may be impacted by holiday and/or weekends. The release date is based on a student's individual class start dates. See for more information.