Consortium Agreement

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A Consortium Agreement may allow eligible students to receive financial aid while attending SCC (parent school) and another school (host school) at the same time. If a student is already registered in 12 or more credits at SCC, there is no need to complete the process since the student is already receiving the maximum financial aid possible and adding credits would not increase the amount.

If you would like apply to receive financial aid based on your combined enrollment within the Maricopa Community College District*, you may initiate the process by completing the online form. Enroll at the HOME and HOST school, then submit the consortium agreement by the submission deadline date.

*Note – students taking classes at Accredited College outside of the Maricopa Community College District should contact the Financial Aid office for more information regarding the consortium process.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be admitted and degree seeking at SCC.
  • Must be admitted to the host school and not receiving financial aid from that school.
  • Must have a completed financial aid file at SCC and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.
  • Must be enrolled in course(s) listed on the consortium agreement at the host school that apply to your degree program – if you are not enrolled, the agreement cannot be processed.
  • May be required to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits at SCC.
  • Must be enrolled in coursework at the Host school that does not overlap the start date of the subsequent term at SCC.
  • Must meet with your Academic Advisor at SCC to ensure courses at Host school is required for your degree at SCC and will transfer.

Student Responsibilities

  • Must submit SCC’s consortium agreement by the deadline for the semester you are attending.
  • Must notify the Financial Aid Office if you make changes or drop any course listed on the consortium agreement.

  Submit the Online Consortium Agreement