Student Responsibilities

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Students are responsible for affiliating with DRS, by following the process outlined on our home page.

Once reasonable accommodations have been determined, the student is responsible for identifying and discussing their accommodations with each instructor.

Every semester, students must log into DRS Connect and elect to use accommodations in each course. This will generate a notification email to the instructor about your accommodations. Students will not be able to schedule exams until they have elected to use accommodations.

Students using testing accommodations need to schedule exams/quizzes on DRS Connect at least 3 business days prior to the class exam/quiz date.

  • The DRS needs time to coordinate with the instructor to get a copy of the exam and the administration instructions.
  • Students who schedule 3 business days in advance are guaranteed a spot at the DRS for their accommodated exam. Failure to do so may result in students having to take an exam without accommodations or reschedule it.
  • The DRS is not obligated to cater to student preferences (i.e. room choice, lighting, proctor preference, etc.) and is committed to providing approved reasonable accommodations and a testing environment similar to that of the classroom.

Students wishing to take exams at alternate times due to reasons unrelated to their disability, need to obtain written permission from their instructor prior to scheduling their exam.

Students using alternative format, need to submit their requests to DRS as early as possible, and provide the following information: the request form, textbook receipts and the purchased textbook(s). Alternative format requests may take several weeks to process, please keep this in mind when submitting them.

Students using interpreting and captioning services are responsible for providing advanced notice, preferably 48 hours, of a class absence to the vendor providing services by emailing or calling the DRS office. If students repeatedly fail to give notice they will be required to meet with the DRS Department Manager to discuss the barriers preventing the student from giving notice and alternative procedures.

If there are any questions or concerns about the DRS office policies, procedure, and/or student responsibilities please email or schedule an appointment with the DRS Department Manager.