Study Abroad: Canterbury and London

Study Abroad Program Details

Where Canterbury and London, England
Mandatory Program Orientation May 18, 2024
Required Pre-departure Classes May 30, 2024 – June 12, 2024 (two classes per week)
Travel Dates June 14, 2024 – June 28, 2024
Required Post-trip Classes July 8, 2024 and July 10, 2024

Complement your learning with an immersive cultural and educational experience in England. For two weeks, continue your literature studies while staying in Canterbury, England, on the University of Kent campus–living among the local student population, learning in the school’s classrooms, and experiencing college life at a British university. Take two full-day trips to London to visit the Tower of London, the Portrait Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and other amazing historical and cultural sites that England’s capital has to offer. Visit the medieval Dover Castle, England’s largest castle and one of the most important historic fortresses in England’s history, while looking across the sea at the White Cliffs of Dover. Study theory and literature while exploring where selected authors lived and witnessing the sites, settings, and inspirations of their work.

The University of Kent is a research-led British university with its main campus located in Canterbury, England. Canterbury, the birthplace of Renaissance playwright Christopher Marlowe, is a beautiful small British town in southeastern England that retains a medieval feel. Located roughly 60 miles east of London and 150 miles northwest of Paris, Canterbury is home to the Canterbury Cathedral (the pilgrimage site that Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is based on) and the Benedictine monastery of St. Augustine’s Abbey. The city is surrounded by medieval walls, the majority still with original construction; you can walk along the walls while touring the city or simply making your way to a restaurant.

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Study Abroad Program Costs

Course Enrollment ENG 200: Reading and Writing about Literature, 3 cr.; fulfills HU, L
Application Deadline March 8, 2024—Apply early! Space is limited! (Late applications may be accepted at the discretion of the Program Director.)
Estimated Program Fee $2,155 (program fee deadline: April 1, 2024)
Estimated Tuition $306 (not included in the program fee, due by Summer 2024 deadline)
Estimated Airfare $1,800 (not included in program fee)
Estimated Meals $500 (for those not included in program fee)
Estimated TOTAL Cost $4,761

Application Process

To apply, please submit the following:

These may be submitted electronically or in person. If submitted electronically, you may submit electronic forms or submit scanned documents. The letters of recommendation should be emailed directly from your reference.

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Cultural Excursions

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