Strategic Planning Glossary of Terms

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The desired ends, priorities, which are supported through the execution of strategies, tactics, and actions.
A larger, overall plan or means to and end supported by tactics/actions towards the achievement of an objective.
Smaller and more focused efforts supporting the achievement of a strategy.
Specific activities or steps taken which are aligned to a strategy to achieve an objective.
Alignment refers to consistency of plans, processes, information, resource decisions, actions, results and analyses to support college goals Alignment requires a common understanding of mission, vision, and the importance of data-informed decisions using measures to guide continuous improvement at all levels.
Lagging Measure (also referred to as an Outcome)
A lagging measure of performance linked to the achievement of an objective. The lagging measure is also known as an outcome as it is important to the organization but influenced by direct or indirect results. The lagging measure may be projected by analyzing characteristics that are predictive in nature. They are often easy to measure but difficult to influence.
Leading Measure
The measure of a strategy or tactic that indicates forward momentum or progress towards achievement of a larger outcome and goal.
A large data set that can be displayed and filtered to provide segmented data used to inform decision- making and performance.
Strategy Tri-Chairs
Strategy Tri-Chairs are sponsors assigned by the College to oversee tactics to support achievement in the College’s strategic plan. Strategy Tri-Chairs also support the tracking of leading and lagging measure aligned to strategies and goals of the college. The Tri-Chairs support the sharing and communications regarding tactic execution and progress on associated measures.
Strategy Committee
A group of people designated to provide oversight for tactics and track progress on leading and lagging measures aligned to a strategy. The team is led by an appointed Tri-Chairs.
Unit Strategic Plan
The Unit Strategic Plan is used as the core process for the SCC’s instructional programs and support areas to complete their annual review and resource allocation requests.