Student Experience & Leadership


The Office of Student Experience and Leadership provides student-centered academic and cultural campus-wide events, and engages in collaborative co-curricular programming with faculty and departmental staff, involving DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion), Civic Engagement, and Service-Learning. Student Experience and Leadership is also the central location for support services and resources.

Leadership and Experiential learning opportunities:

  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Council of Student Leaders
  • Service-Learning
  • Multicultural workshops and experiences

Support and Resources:

  • Artie’s FIT Market Resource Pantry
  • Student ID cards
  • Bus Passes
  • Additional community resources/information (SNAP, Housing, Voter Registration, etc.)
  • Kristine Alcon, Manager
  • Amber Akapnitis, Student Services Analyst - Civic Engagement and Leadership
  • Desiree Farnal, Student Services Analyst - Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI)
  • Kanisha Saunders, Student Services Analyst - Service Learning and Experiential Opportunities