Eligibility to Apply

Eligibility to Apply to the Hoop of Learning Program

Based on a traditional American Indian worldview of a circle, or hoop, of lifelong development, Hoop of Learning offers support, friendship, and help with academic questions and needs. And taking classes through Hoop builds your college resume while providing new experiences and connections to other American Indian students.

Since 2012, 13 Hoop of Learning students have received their Associate of Arts degrees in the same month that they earned their high school diplomas.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Registered member of a state or federally recognized tribal nation.
  • 9-12th grade high school student. Students may apply and participate in this program year round, any time after their first semester as a freshman.
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher at high school and college while participating in the Hoop of Learning program.
  • Attendance at orientation/registration with a parent/guardian.
  • Adhere to the Scottsdale Community College policies and procedures.

Hoop of Learning Scholarship

Participants will receive a scholarship that includes tuition, books and fees.

Application Process

To apply to the program, you need to complete a Hoop of Learning application. You can click on the Request Information Tab to get in contact with the Hoop of Learning Coordinator to assist you with the application process. When applying for the program the following items will be requested:

  • Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)
  • Identification

Please have your parent/legal guardian nearby when completing the online application and assist you with the paper application (if applicable).