Make an Academic Plan

Declare the correct degree or certificate

Make sure your declared degree matches your intent. Work with an advisor to check and change your degree plan if necessary.

View your Degree Progress Report online

You can view your progress towards the degree or certificate you have declared online using the Degree Progress Report in the Student Center. The report will show you what classes are used in the degree, what your remaining requirements are and show your GPA and transfer credit. All credit must be transferred to SCC to show in the Degree Progress report including credit from other Maricopa Colleges. Learn how to view your Degree Progress Report.

How to plan your classes

To make an Education Plan you will take the required courses for your degree or certificate and spread them across future semesters based on the number of credits you plan to take each semester. You will review each course prerequisite to make sure you take courses in the proper order. Advisors help student make education plans. The Advisement Office has suggested plans for all Associate in Applied Science Degrees and most transfer degrees.

When planning your classes you must consider how many hours you will work each week and other commitments outside of classes. A full time course load is 12 credit hours in a semester. Full time students should reserve 20 hours a week outside of class for study and preparation.