Computer Information Systems Training Programs

Are you looking for IT training to help upskill and expand your career potential?

Scottsdale Community College offers 26 certificate and micro-certificate programs that provide the hands-on skills instruction in computer information systems needed by local businesses. Take a single class – or attain industry-recognized certification – in most cases, in less than six months*.

Why attend SCC?

Short Duration Programs

Very short duration* programs designed to give you the specific skills training that can be applied immediately on the job, while helping prepare you for future career demands.


Proven, accredited instruction by expert faculty, many of whom have worked extensively in the CIS fields in which they teach.

Virtual Data Center

With SCC’s unique Virtual Data Center, students learn in an off-the-grid classroom environment simulating real-world situations without any limits.


Extensive scholarships, internships and job placements are readily available.

Low cost credits

Low cost ($85 per credit hour), small class sizes (less than 16), and extensive student support services (virtual and in-person).

Industry Professionals

Connect with industry professionals and help broaden your network.

Program Duration

* Duration varies by program. Successful completion of select certificate and micro-certificate programs at SCC can provide industry-recognized certification in about six months or less.

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CIS Advisors

Short duration programs list


Data Analytics

Database Development

Network & Systems Administration

Our Networking & Systems Administration programs can train you to perform tasks associated with network administration and security, computer networks and data communications, and information and data security.

Programming & Systems Analysis

Our classes in Programming and Mobile Applications are designed to train you in mobile app programming and beyond. As a student, you’ll get to do everything from identifying common uses of computers in business and other sectors of society to writing simple programs in common programming languages, designing algorithms, and becoming a pro at cascading style sheets (CSS).

Web Design & Web Development

Our Web Design and Web Development programs provide a foundation in graphic design, storyboarding, scripting, UI/UX, content management systems, and e-commerce solutions. With a solid base from which to grow, you can then specialize and develop your skills in diverse areas like digital image creation and manipulation, audio and video editing, character animation, database integration, programming, server administration, mobile app development, and more.