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Database Development

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Database Development prepares students to design and implement the infrastructure for business solutions using database and programming tools. The program focuses on administrative tasks and building database applications using programming skills such as data collection, query techniques, and database creation. This certificate can embed into the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Information Technology.


Academic Plan Code: 
Certificate of Completion (CCL)
Total credits required: 
Award notes

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses within the program.
++ indicates all suffixed courses.

Computer Information System (CIS) courses required by this program are not applicable if taken more than eight (8) years prior to the completion of the program of study. Consult with an Academic Advisor for complete information.

Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems3
CIS117DMMicrosoft Access: Database Management (3) OR
CIS154Database Modeling and Design (3)3
CIS119DOIntroduction to Oracle: SQL3
CIS150++Programming Fundamentals3
CIS156Python Programming: Level I (3) OR
CIS159Visual Basic Programming I (3) OR
CIS162ADC#: Level I (3) OR
CIS163AAJava Programming: Level I (3)3
CIS164ABOracle: PL/SQL Programming (3) OR
CIS276DAMySQL Database (3) OR
CIS276DBSQL Server Database (3)3
CIS217AMAdvanced Microsoft Access: Database Management3
CIS225ABObject-Oriented Analysis and Design3
  • Solve business problems using the components of a database management system. (CIS105, CIS117DM, CIS119DO, CIS154, CIS164AB, CIS217AM, CIS276DA, CIS276DB)
  • Design a comprehensive data model using an entity-relationship (ER) diagram that reflects the business requirements. (CIS117DM, CIS119DO, CIS154, CIS217AM, CIS276DA, CIS276DB)
  • Create database structures to store, retrieve, and update data using SQL. (CIS105, CIS117DM, CIS119DO, CIS164AB, CIS217AM, CIS276DA, CIS276DB).
  • Write SQL procedures and functions to automate solutions to a variety of business problems. (CIS164AB, CIS217AM, CIS276DA, CIS276DB)
  • Develop programs using structured design and logic tools. (CIS150++, CIS156, CIS159, CIS162AD, CIS163AA)
  • Use programming language to solve a variety of business problems. (CIS105, CIS150++, CIS156, CIS159, CIS162AD, CIS163AA)
  • Evaluate business computer systems using appropriate object-oriented analysis and design methods. (CIS225AB)

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