Real Estate and Real Estate Appraisal

There are many rewarding careers, but it might be hard to top the feeling a real estate agent gets when connecting people with their new home. Plus, your workplace doesn’t have to be an office — it can be someone’s new home. And while a future in real estate and real estate appraisal can be challenging, it can also be lucrative — and we can help you get started.

If you plan on entering this worthwhile profession, start with our Real Estate and Real Estate Appraisal program. You’ll get an in-depth look at real estate principles, practices, appraisals, and sales so you’ll be ready to hit the housing market. Upon successful program completion, you will be prepared to take the next steps to become a real estate agent or a certified or licensed residential appraiser.

Start your career in real estate today.

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Fast Track Certificate, which can be completed in two semesters or less.

Program Description

SCC’s Real Estate: Prelicense program specifically prepares students to qualify to take the Arizona Real Estate Licensing exam and for a career in real estate. The program consists of REA201 (or REA179 and REA180) and REA290AH.

Beginning in 2019, the Arizona Department of Real Estate has approved online prelicensing education classes. REA201 (or REA179 and REA180) meets the state requirement for 90 hours of prelicense education. In addition to successfully completing the 90 hours, students must also pass a school exam with a score of 75% or higher in order to receive the certificate that allows them to sit for the state licensing exam.

REA290AH is a contract writing class that students must complete prior to working in real estate. Students who successfully complete both REA201 and REA290AH will receive a Real Estate CCL (Certificate of Completion) from the Maricopa County Community College District. Students who complete the program and pass the state licensing exam may buy or sell real estate.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Business internships
  • DECA (student business association with professional development opportunities)
  • Service learning and volunteerism

Course Format

Classes are offered in a variety of formats: in-person, online, hybrid, day, evening, full-time and part-time.


Most of our courses use low-cost textbooks or no cost material provided by your instructors. General education courses may have textbooks that cost more.