Admission Process

SCC is a SEVP-Approved School

Scottsdale Community College is a SEVP-Approved School, which means it is certified by the US Department of Homeland Security to issue the SEVIS I-20 document to eligible students, so that they may apply for the F-1 Student Visa at a United States Consulate.

To apply for admission to Scottsdale Community College you will need to provide the following documentation. Please follow the instructions below carefully:

Required Documentation

Please print clearly. Be sure that your name on your application is spelled the same as your name in your passport. Write your date of birth in the USA format: Month/Day/Year.

Download a copy of the International Student Application.

You may also apply online.

Original or certified copies of official diploma or certificate from EVERY secondary school (high school), college, or university, and/or technical school you have attended (accompanied by an official, professional English translation). Unofficial photocopies, faxes, and email scans cannot be accepted. Your transcript must state your graduation date.

Note: If your official documents were issued in a language other than English, you must submit the official documents in the original language AND an official translation of the documents. An official translation is a precise, word-for-word English translation of the documents that has been prepared by the issuing institution or a professional translator.

Evidence of English Language Proficiency is waived for students whose native language is English.

Admission to Academic Degree Programs

Applicants who wish to enroll in an academic degree program at the college must present evidence of their English language proficiency level. One of the following different methods can be used to satisfy this requirement:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®): The applicant must attain a score of at least 500 on the paper-based test, or 70 on the Internet-based test (iBT). The TOEFL Code for Scottsdale Community College is 4755.
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): The applicant must attain an overall IELTS Band Score of 5.5 or better. A minimum IELTS individual Band Score of 5.0 in EACH module is recommended.
  • STEP Eiken test (for Japanese students): Grade Pre-1 or better is required.
  • Duolingo English test with a score of 95 or higher.

You or your sponsor(s) must complete the Statement of Financial Support (last page of application form), which states that they have sufficient funds to cover your educational and living expenses, estimated at $30,219 per year, and are willing to use this money to pay for your academic and living expenses while you are attending Scottsdale Community College. All financial statements/bank letters must be dated within six (6) months of the semester start date for which you are applying. Please see the Proposed Budget information for details.

Important: You or your sponsor must also include original bank statements or an original letter from the bank showing that the sponsor has sufficient funds on deposit. We cannot accept bank letters that do not state that a balance in excess of $30,219 is available. Faxes, photocopies, and internet printouts of financial documents will not be accepted. Evidence of financial support will be required prior to issuance of the I-20 form. Please note that the US Consulate will require another set of original financial documents when you apply for the F-1 visa. Several months of original bank statements, showing stable account history, is recommended.

The college has no scholarship or financial aid provisions for international students; therefore, students must be fully prepared to meet the necessary financial obligations for the entire time they will be in the United States.

The colored copy needs to show the pages with identification information and expiration date. The passport must be valid for at least six months. If your spouse and/or children will accompany you, please provide colored photocopies of their passports as well.

  • A photocopy of the I-94 card in your passport
  • A photocopy of your current visa in your passport
  • An official transcript from EVERY previous educational institution, sent directly to Scottsdale Community College
  • Photocopies of all prior SEVIS I-20 documents
  • SEVIS Transfer form, completed and signed by both the student and the current international student advisor/DSO.
  • Approval Notice of Change of Status, if applicable

Download a copy of the SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Form.

  • Fall Semester (August - December: July 1
  • Spring Semester (January - May): November 1

Note: complete transfer student applications may be accepted after the deadline. Please contact us for transfer student application deadlines.

IMPORTANT: Please verify that your application package is complete before you send it and that you have followed all the instructions as described above. Failure to submit the documents as required will result in delay of the processing of your application. Please e-mail or call if you need clarification of the application instructions. Please allow at least 2 - 3 weeks for review and processing of your application package.

Please send the completed application form and all required documents to:

  • Attn: International Admissions
  • Scottsdale Community College
  • 9000 East Chaparral Road
  • Scottsdale, Arizona 85256-2626 USA
Do not send bank document or school certificates by email as we require official, original documents. Thank you.

When you have received your acceptance letter and SEVIS I-20 Form, please make an appointment to apply for the F-1 Student Visa at the US Consulate in your home country. To locate the US Consulate closest to you, please visit the US Embassy site.

If you have any questions, please contact us.