Student Seeking an Internship

Frequently Asked Questions about Internships

An internship experience is:

  • 5-20 hours per week over a semester spent working at an approved employer site/organization
  • Supported by faculty
  • Complete 2-3 learning objectives while at the employer site/organization
  • Earn credit while you gain meaningful work experience

Why should I complete an internship?

  • Gain professional or industry experience
  • Connect classroom learning to the working world and practice skills in real-time situations
  • Enhance your resume and develop soft skills employers are seeking
  • Complete meaningful projects that support the employer organization
  • Observe professionals in action
  • Build a network of people in the field that are recruiting or will be hiring in the future
  • Connect classroom learning to the real world and practice skills in real-world scenarios

Will I be paid?

Many internships are paid, depending on the industry some are unpaid. The National Association of Colleges and Employers indicates that paid internships have a higher chance of leading to a paying job compared to unpaid internships.

After the experience, will they hire me?

86% of interns are offered a full-time position based on performance and organizational needs. Many employers use the work-based experience to identify individuals who have the willingness to learn, entry-level skills, and attitudes they want in full-time employees. Full-time employment with an organization is not guaranteed, thus students should consistently perform, participate and maintain records of accomplishments.

What can I expect?

The experience includes an organized plan with clear expectations and specific people to support the completion of your internship objectives. This is a student-led and faculty-supervised class for credit. Students, faculty, and an employer organizational representative will collaborate before, during, and after the class. In the interview, ask about training, supervisory structure, and expectations they will have of you. Every experience will offer valuable insight into the industry and strengthen your experience. It is up to each participant to engage and fully participate in the opportunity.

How do I earn academic credit?

Students can meet with their Program Director to select the appropriate SCC Internship Course.


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