Business Program Advisement

Business Advising

You have made a great decision to pursue your business education at Scottsdale Community College! Generally, there are two pathways to business degree completion:

  • Associates of Applied Science (AAS): The AAS degree is designed to provide skills for entry-level employment or promotional opportunities in a variety of emphasis areas
  • Associate in Business-General Requirements (ABUS): The ABUS degree is designed to transfer to university business programs. The degree contains business foundational courses and the Arizona General Education Curriculum for Business (AGEC-B)

Please view the video below that explains ABUS scheduling and how to assist with transfer to university business programs.

ABUS Scheduling Workshop SCC ( 2023 and beyond)


Business Information Sessions

Our Business Information Sessions provide in-depth information about our programs for new-to-college or new-to-business major students. Please attend a Business Information Session prior to scheduling an appointment with your advisor(s).

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Schedule an Advising Appointment

New Students

After attending the Information Session, we invite you to schedule an appointment with a business advisor if you have additional questions.

Continuing Students

Please refer to your advising notes, prior to scheduling your appointments. Your advising notes are found in your Student Homepage, Academic Progress tile.

All advising appointments are made online and will be conducted in person, via phone, or video chat. You must have a Maricopa MEID to make an appointment. Please use your Maricopa email account when making appointments ( After making your appointment check your confirmation email for important details, including the contact information for your Advisor.

Business Program Advisors

Doug Doser

Doug Doser

Last names A-J

Connect with Doug

Yvonne Lawrence

Yvonne Lawrence

Last names K-Z

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