Recognizing SCC’s Educator of the Year

Monday, April 22, 2024
Jay Clements with horse

Congratulations to Jay Clements, who was named Scottsdale Community College’s 2024 Educator of the Year at the 37th Annual Scottsdale Charros Education Banquet, in April.

“I am extremely honored, overwhelmed, beyond speechless, humbled, and grateful to receive this recognition from my peers,” Clements says.

Clements is the head of SCC’s Equine Science program, and she is responsible for making SCC one of the nation’s most renowned equine education programs. Having worked as a college instructor since 2009, she brings a lifetime of experience working with horses to her classes.

Her experience and expertise comes from a long career spent around horses. She has managed ranches, trained horses, coached college and university rodeo teams, and earned a living as a professional barrel racer and equine sports therapist. Now in her seventh year at SCC, Clements radiates her passion for lifelong learning to all her students. Her courses emphasize practical learning methods that get students hands-on experience, earning the Equine Science Program national recognition.

She says, “The Equine Science program at SCC has a high standard of academics and skills training with horses. This rigor gives our students an opportunity for higher success when they transfer to a university, as well as a professional edge for entering the industry. The sequencing of our courses integrates the hands-on skills classes with the lecture classes, which fosters better understanding and learning opportunities. I can’t say enough about the quality of broad-based education that the Equine Science program at SCC provides our students.”

She explains that the best part of her job is watching her students grow their skills and confidence. However, she admits it isn’t all because of her teaching: “Some of the best teachers in the program are the horses!”

“It is a humbling experience and a great honor to be recognized as Educator of the Year by my peers at SCC. I am also grateful to be selected because I see it as an honor and a win for the Equine Science program itself. It brings more awareness and attention to the program and the students’ achievements.”

SCC is fortunate to have such an experienced and dedicated educator leading one of our oldest and most renowned programs. Thank you for everything, Jay!

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