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High School Grads, What’s Your Plan for Success?

High School Graduate Success

You’re transitioning out of high school and now what? Choosing a potential career and area of study are the critical next steps to help ensure your future.

To make this pathway as easy as possible, Scottsdale Community College is offering the Educational and Career Planning course (CPD150AC) in its upcoming Summer Semester. 

Students will discover the career exploration process steps of self-awareness, information gathering, decision-making and taking action. The course helps identify resources for ongoing research and assistance with educational and career goals in response to occupational trends and technological changes in a global marketplace. 

During the course, students will take formal career assessment tools and analyze the results, leaving the class with their future educational and career plan.

This 1 credit hour class is ideally suited for students who will be attending college for the first time, and intend to earn an Associate’s degree or transfer to a college/university to complete a Bachelor’s degree. The class is required for SCC students who are first to college, seeking an Associate’s degree, or transferring to a university. Students who have a high school GPA above 2.6 do not need to take the class.

“We are excited to offer a bridge from high school graduation to discovering one’s career path and area of study,” said Ramona Santiesteban, SCC’s Division Chair of Counseling Services. “Students will leave the class having a solid pathway to achieve their educational and career goals.”

Students also have the option of taking the CPD150AC class during Fall semester instead. SCC also offers during Fall the related Strategies for College Success course (CPD150), a 3 credit hour class which focuses on increasing student success through college orientation and personal growth, study skills development, and educational and career planning.

Summer Semester begins May 26, 2020. For more information, phone (480) 423-6524 or email

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