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Are You Ready for Summer Semester?

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Scottsdale Community College has updated its complete Summer Semester 2020 course offering, and classes start May 26, 2020. Students should visit Find a Class and review the available course options to secure the schedule they desire. As has been previously announced, all classes throughout the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges will be delivered 100% online for Summer Semester.

Students take advantage of summer learning for many reasons, from catching up on Spring courses to getting a jump start on Fall semester. Many students attending other institutions take summer classes at SCC enjoying lower tuition rates and then easily transfer those credits into their regular program.

Online Learning Formats

SCC offers greater flexibility in the learning experience by providing 4- and 8-week sessions in the summer term, as well as two online formats:  Live Online Classes and On Your Time Online Classes.

Live Online Classes have live online sessions that meet on specific days and times. Attendance in these live online sessions is mandatory. Additional online work that is not synchronous may also be included during the duration the classes are offered and have set due dates for assignments. Students are required to have access to a computer or mobile device, and Internet access, unless otherwise specified.

On Your Time Online classes do not meet at specific class times. Coursework must be completed according to deadlines. Students are required to have access to a computer or mobile device, and Internet access, unless otherwise specified.

Tips to Ensure You Have a Successful Summer

In order to get the most of the summer learning experience, students should keep the following in mind:

Technology Requirements. Each class has its own technical requirements – one may require a microphone and/or webcam, and another may require software downloads, for example. Understanding what’s needed in advance helps ensure your readiness on day one.

Ordering Books and Course Materials. If textbooks are required for your course, be sure to order them early so they arrive well before class starts. While the SCC Bookstore (Follett) may not be open on campus right now, they have an extensive website where all materials can be ordered, along with no-cost resources.

Online Educational Resources. Many classes at SCC offer zero-cost or low-cost textbooks. Knowing these options upfront helps allow students to keep expenses low (and maybe take an additional class).

Student Readiness Testing. SCC recognizes that there are challenges in taking online classes, so understanding one’s strengths and opportunities for improvement is essential. SCC provides the free SmarterMeasure assessment tool which helps prepare students for distance learning and learning in a technology-focused environment.

Free Student Support Services. SCC provides many valuable support services for students for free, such as tutoring, counseling, library/research and advising. Visit the Students page for a complete listing of all SCC resources. In addition, the Online Learning Essentials orientation (OLE) helps students get ready for the online learning environment.

Connect With Your Instructor. This is probably the most important of all! SCC faculty members are best prepared to respond to the curriculum, class assignments and learning expectations. Make a connection with them when class starts and ask questions. It’s very likely they have just helped a fellow student with a similar issue.

SCC understands that these are challenging times for everyone. If, during the semester, a life situation occurs, students are encouraged to keep going in order to achieve their longer-term education goals.

The entire faculty and staff at SCC are committed to student success – simply reach out to get started. Let us help you achieve your dreams for higher education.

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