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Recreation Management

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Recreation Management is designed to prepare students with entry level skills for the expanding field of recreation. The program provides a foundation for the positive application of play, recreation, and leisure across the life span. Through classroom and experiential learning activities, students gain knowledge of and practical experience in the programming and delivery of recreation services, and develop communication, group facilitation, management and leadership skills. Participation in recreation activity courses equips students with the technical skills necessary to plan, lead and facilitate safe outdoor recreation adventures and programs.


Academic Plan Code: 
Certificate of Completion (CCL)
Total credits required: 
Award notes

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program.

Program prerequisites
Course #Course TitleCredits
Admission criteria


Required courses
Course #Course TitleCredits
BPC110Computer Usage and Applications (3) OR
CIS105Survey of Computer Information Systems (3)3
HES154First Aid/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (3) OR
REC240Wilderness First Responder (3)3
MGT101Techniques of Supervision (3) OR
MGT251Human Relations in Business (3)3
REC120Leisure and the Quality of Life3
REC150ABOutdoor Adventure Skills3
REC210Leisure Delivery Systems3
REC250Recreation Leadership3
REC230Programming of Recreation Services (3) OR
HRM145Events Management (3)3
REC282AAVolunteerism for Recreation: A Service Learning Experience (1) OR
REC282ABVolunteerism for Recreation: A Service Learning Experience (2) OR
REC282ACVolunteerism for Recreation: A Service Learning Experience (3)1-3
Physical/Recreational Activities4-8
Student must choose four (4) different Physical/Recreational Activities courses; students cannot count beginning and intermediate classes on the same activity as two different activities.
REC155++Any recreational activity course(s) not used to satisfy other credits in Required course area (1-8)
PED+++++Any physical education activity course(s) (1-8)
Restricted Electives
Course #Course TitleCredits
AJS101Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ARH100Introduction to Art3
COM263Elements of Intercultural Communication3
DAH101Introduction to Dance Through History3
ENH206Nature and Environmental Literature3
EXS265++Any EXS Theory of Coaching course3
GBS205Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business3
GCU221Arizona Geography3
HES100Healthful Living3
HIS105Arizona History3
HIS106Southwest History3
HRM110Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management3
EDU/HUM/STO292The Art of Storytelling3
PAD10021st Century Public Policy and Service3
PSY230Introduction to Statistics3
SSH111Sustainable Cities3
SWU171Introduction to Social Welfare3
  • Facilitate recreation using the conceptual foundations of play, recreation, and leisure throughout the human lifespan. (REC120, REC230, REC250, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC)
  • Compare and contrast the major factors involved in the delivery of leisure services in government, commercial, and nonprofit sectors. (REC120, REC210)
  • Incorporate principles of experiential learning in the design and application of recreation services. (REC150AB, REC155++, REC230, REC240, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, HES154, PED+++++)
  • Apply safety guidelines and procedures associated with recreational services. (REC150AB, REC155++, REC230, REC240, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, HES154, PED+++++)
  • Analyze career opportunities in the field of recreation and leisure. (REC120, REC210, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC)
  • Demonstrate the basics of supervision including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and evaluating. (REC230, REC250, BPC110, CIS105)
  • Apply various operational strategies for planning, implementing and evaluating a recreational event or program. (HRM145, REC210, REC230, REC250, BPC110, CIS105)
  • Lead and facilitate diverse groups using the theoretical frameworks, skills and attributes characteristic of recreation management. (REC150AB, REC250, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC)
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills in diverse public and interpersonal settings. (REC120, REC210, REC250, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, BPC110, CIS105, MGT101, MGT251)
  • Utilize effective customer service in the planning and delivery of recreational services. (REC210, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, MGT101, MGT251)
  • Apply ethical and legal principles, protocols, and practice in the delivery of leisure and recreation services. (REC150AB, REC240, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, HES154)
  • Critically assess problems and make sound decisions using the theoretical foundation and analytical tools associated with recreation. (REC150AB, REC155++, REC230, REC240, REC250, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, HES154, PED+++++)
  • Demonstrate the technical skills necessary for the safe participation in recreational activities in a variety of environments. (REC120, REC150AB, REC155++, REC230, REC240, REC250, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, HES154, PED+++++)
  • Develop, manage, and evaluate budgets related to recreational programs. (REC210, REC230, REC250, REC282AA, REC282AB, REC282AC, BPC110, CIS105)

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