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Education Today, Preservation Forever

Field trips can be memorable and transformative experiences for students. Give your class a chance to get outside of the classroom to encounter animals up close and learn why we should care about preserving Sonoran Desert biodiversity. Scouts, homeschool, and family visits are also welcome during our down times! Contact [email protected] to schedule your visit during the week.

Natalie Case leading a 4th-grade class tour.
Natalie Case leading a 4th-grade class tour.

We currently offer a 3.5 hour program for 4th grade classes that targets one-third of the Arizona science education standards, but all grades are welcome. Students will visit our Nature Center, Wildlife Demonstration Gardens, and the Hall of Biodiversity Past. Each stop includes activities, presentations, and thought-provoking questions. Bring your lunches and eat on campus to wrap up the trip.

If an on-site field trip is not practical, please consider one of our Traveling Programs or a Virtual Field Trip.

Do you have a love for Sonoran Desert plants and animals, and a willingness to help foster that appreciation in the next generation? If you have free time then please consider joining us to help with our outreach program. Contact [email protected]