Dance Frequently Asked Questions


Please review the Dance FAQs listed below.

Dance FAQs

No. Level 1 classes are meant for beginning dance students. Most students with prior dance experience can start in level 2 classes. However, a signature or a placement audition is needed to skip a level. Signatures should be requested from Angela Rosenkrans or Karryn Allen, Directors of the Dance Program, at [email protected]. Audition information can be found here

Signatures should be requested from Angela Rosenkrans or Karryn Allen, Directors of the Dance Program, at [email protected].

Yes. Auditions happen in August, January and May. Contact the Dance Program, for more information. [email protected], or refer to Dance Auditions.

There are four auditions held for the dance department. Three auditions are for the resident performing companies as well as placement and scholarships. Most of the auditions do not require prepared materials but Instinct DanceCorps does. For more information, visit dance auditions.

There is not a harsh dress code at SCC. Clothing should be comfortable to move in, be form fitting so that the instructors can see your alignment, and cover your body appropriately. Shoes: Ballet shoes are required for ballet classes. Jazz classes either require jazz shoes or bare feet. Modern classes are done in bare feet. Hip Hop classes require clean, non-marking, tennis shoes that are only worn in class. Social and World dance classes require different types depending on the instructor. Please contact your instructor directly. Instructor emails are available in the Contact Info to the left.

There are many dance clothing stores in the Phoenix area and many online dance stores.

  • Dee’s Dance Wear
  • 4727 E. Bell Rd. Ste. 49
  • Phoenix, AZ 85032
  • Dee’s Dance Wear
  • 7942 W. Bell Rd.
  • Glendale, AZ 85308

SCC in state tuition is $85 per credit hour as of Fall 2020 and most of the dance classes are 1 credit courses. For more information refer to Tuition & Fees.

Yes. SCC does offer a payment plan for tuition. For more information, view the monthly payment plans.

For more information, visit the Financial Aid website.

There are a variety of career opportunities for dance majors including performance, education, choreography, lighting design and stage managing. Some of the lesser known careers in dance are grant writing, videography, dance administration, dance criticism/journalism, photography, dance therapy, physiology and dance historian. SCC provides training opportunities for the serious dance student in many of these fields. However, since most fields in dance are highly competitive, it is important for the student to have the commitment and determination to succeed.

The dance office is in room PE 151 and the main dance studios are PE 135 and PE 162. There are campus and building maps available on the Campus & Building Maps page.

Here is a list of IT services at SCC:

Help Desk Phone: (480) 423-6274
Help Desk Website: SCC Help Desk

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