Concurrent Courses

Not sure what courses to take?

Explore options below. There are three main types of courses for high school students.

1. Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) Courses

The AGEC consists of 35-37 credit hours of college courses in English, math, social and behavioral sciences, physical and biological sciences, and arts and humanities. Complete courses required by the AGEC to fulfill your lower-division general education requirements for an associate degree. Then, you can transfer those credits to complete a bachelor degree.

AGEC-A is for students who want to study liberal arts when they transfer to the university. Examples: English, History, Religion, Philosophy, Communications

AGEC-B is for students who want to study business when they transfer to the university. Examples: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing

AGEC-S is for students who want to study programs that require more rigorous math and science when they transfer to the university. Examples: Biology, Chemistry, Engineering

2. Certification Courses

A certificate prepares you for entry-level work in your chosen field and requires fewer classes than the associate degree or university transfer options. There are several types of certificates available, including career, trade, and academic certificates.


  • Computer System Configuration & Support Certificate
  • Nutrition for Personal Trainers & Coaches
  • Real Estate: Prelicense & Test Prep

3. Taking a Course for Fun or Exploration

Whether it is painting, yoga, exercise science, culinary arts, or creative writing, we’ve got courses to explore.

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