ACE Program: Frequently Asked Questions

ACE Description

ACE is a scholarship program that gives eligible students the experience of taking college credit courses while still enrolled in high school. ACE empowers these high school students to achieve a higher education and success in life by learning the skills it takes to manage high school, attend college, and plan for a rewarding future.

ACE Questions and Answers

Eligibility Student applicants must have one or more of the following characteristics to be eligible:

  • First person in the immediate family to attend / graduate from college
  • Evidence of single parent home
  • Works 10-30 hours per week
  • Underrepresented group
  • Environmental risk factors (will be considered on case by case basis, for example, student raised in foster care, teen parent, lives in temporary housing, etc.)
  • Legacy qualification (family member who is in ACE or was a past ACE participant) ACE is not a GPA based program.

ACE at SCC offers courses from the General Education core group of course requirements. Students are placed in courses based on the scores from their Assessment Placement. ACE Program staff specify course placement during registration process when students meet one on one with an ACE staff.

Courses that are 100 level or above count towards a degree or certificate and may transfer to an Arizona State University.

Yes, our policy is as follows: The ACE Program’s attendance policy is zero absences. We ask students to plan their outside activities accordingly; absence from courses may result in poor grades that could affect the continuance of the ACE scholarship. According to the Scottsdale Community Colleges Catalog, attendance requirements are determined by the course instructor. Students who do not meet the attendance requirement as determined by the course instructor may be withdrawn. At the beginning of each course, each faculty member will provide students with written attendance requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the instructor regarding official or unofficial absences. Absences begin to accumulate with the first scheduled class meeting.

YES! These are real college courses with real college professors and that means a college work load. Students are successful as long as they attend class, pay attention, actively participate, ask questions and use the support services available to them.

As with anything else, you will have fun in proportion to the enthusiasm you put into it. The ACE Program is designed to help you succeed. Success is fun for everyone!

September – December (Students can only apply during the fall semester of their sophomore year in high school.) SCC ACE recruiters schedule visits to the high school during which time a presentation of the program and applications are provided to the students. Students can only apply during the 10th grade or sophomore year in high school. If you miss a presentation at the high school, applications are available in the high school Counseling Office up to the deadline date set for that particular high school.

Or you can contact the ACE Program office to receive information about the ACE Program at (480) 423‑6138.

Once your application is received from the ACE staff, it may be necessary to contact you for specific information that may be time sensitive therefore; It is very important that your current address and telephone number is always on file. Applicants should notify the ACE staff immediately if a change of address, phone number or email address occurs. Current participants should make changes in their My Maricopa account.

Follow the steps at: Become a Student.

It is really easy!

All grades are posted online, each semester, your instructor will post grades online. To view your grades, you simply use the My Maricopa website and log in with your MEID and password.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (480) 423-6450
  • We are currently located on the West facing side of the Library Building, LIB-468

The easiest way to have your transcripts sent to another college is through your “Student Center” account on My Maricopa. In the drop down menu under “Academics” click “request transcript”. If you are having trouble contact the SCC Admissions Office at (480) 423‑6100.