What is the CARE Team at SCC?

The CARE team is a multidisciplinary group whose primary goal is to support students who are experiencing life challenges that present a barrier to success for themselves or others. CARE is an acronym for:

C oncern for the individual student and the college community;
A ssessment by gathering detailed information from involved parties;
R esponse with interventions and actions that support the student and address safety concerns;
E valuation of the effectiveness of interventions and reassess as needed.

What the CARE Team Does

The CARE team provides coordinated support for students in distress and addresses concerns about student behavior, academic progress, and personal issues, including mental health concerns. The CARE Team gathers information from personal contact with students, faculty, staff, and family members, as well as from reports submitted by members of the college community.

The CARE Team is committed to the following:

  • Identifying students of concern who need extra support
  • Assessing the most appropriate way to intervene and support a student
  • Addressing student behaviors that impact the college community
  • Addressing behavior that interferes with student learning
  • Intervening so a student may achieve academic and personal success
  • Balancing the needs of an individual student with the needs of the college community

Report a Concern

All members of the college community are encouraged to report a concern. By making a report, you show that you care about the student and the community. Your report activates a network of support for the student and also promotes safety in our environment. Students who exhibit the following behaviors should be referred to the CARE team:

  • distressed following attempts by you and others to be helpful
  • increasingly isolated, unkempt, irritable or disconnected
  • disruptive in learning environments
  • deteriorating academic performance
  • expressions of hopelessness or helplessness
  • significant and marked changes in behavior or mood
  • thoughts of suicide or other acts of self-harm
  • threats or displays aggression directed toward themself or others
  • inability to care for themself
  • reports food or housing insecurity

To refer a student to the CARE Team, please fill out the CARE Referral.

CARE Team Membership

The CARE Team is comprised of the following members:

  • Dean of Student Affairs, Winona Thirion
  • Dean of Instruction, Dr. Lucas Messer
  • Division Chair of Counseling, Ramona Santiesteban
  • Faculty Representative, Dr. Miguel Lucas
  • Campus Police Commander, Arlyn Walz
  • Director of Admissions and Records, Pauline Thomas
  • Director of Disability Resources, Corrie Klinefelter
  • Student Conduct Administrator, Dr. Michael Mader (Chair)

Other staff and faculty may join the team based on circumstances and content knowledge.

To learn more about the CARE team’s mission, operations, and training, please refer to the SCC CARE Manual.