Excellence Under the Stars: Celebrating SCC’s 2024 Outstanding Artichokes

Wednesday, July 3, 2024
starry night with excellence under the stars lettering

Scottsdale Community College is not just a place of learning but a community that takes immense pride in witnessing the remarkable achievements of its students each year. These students, with their unwavering dedication, creativity, and passion for self-improvement, are the true stars of SCC. Excellence Under the Stars, our annual awards program, is a testament to this pride, serving as a platform for faculty and staff to honor these exceptional individuals and express gratitude for their invaluable contributions to our community.

This year, 135 students and alumni were nominated for their outstanding accomplishments. Some are recognized for their commitment to Academic Excellence, while others are lauded for their Outstanding Contribution to the college and their peers. SCC takes great pride in its diverse array of creative arts programs, which attract talented artists and performers nationwide. The Outstanding Creativity Award shines a spotlight on students who have exhibited exceptional dedication to their respective crafts. Additionally, the Outstanding Leadership award recognizes individuals whose selfless devotion to serving others has enhanced their performance and inspired those around them.

These students exemplify excellence in academic performance, contributions to the community, creativity, leadership, and civic engagement. The awards ceremony, held in April under the stars, served as a poignant reminder of the incredible talent and passion that permeates the SCC campus. It was an evening filled with inspiration and celebration as these outstanding students were rightfully honored for their achievements and encouraged to continue striving for excellence.

Excellence Under the Stars 2024 Awardees List

The Outstanding Contributions category had 25 outstanding nominees. These students have contributed in some way to their community, their discipline, their class, or their department. They have worked tirelessly to leave a lasting mark at SCC.

  • Brianna De Leon
  • Jackie McGregor
  • Barry Anderson
  • Scott Murphy
  • Jake Lashbrooke
  • Neve Galusha
  • Indiana Filbrun
  • Reagan Howe
  • Adrian Oliva
  • Catherine "Cat" Helzer
  • Amanda Meadows
  • Alexandria Derks
  • Abel Romero
  • Kelsey Lamb
  • Lauren Waples
  • Mimi Dawood
  • Kaitlyn Haney
  • Jorge Moreno
  • Shandiin Manuel
  • Jaime Hewson
  • Justine Lin
  • Nikkianna Kinsel
  • Aryanaz Besharatlou
  • Carmen Barragan
  • Rory DeVries

The Outstanding Creativity category had 13 exceptional nominees. This category recognizes students who have created works of art such as choreography, graphic design work, projects, props, productions, and so much more.

  • Zoie Rossnagle
  • Angie Hoch
  • Breana Novero
  • Sadaf Alam
  • Rose Berkland
  • Finn Taylor
  • Mathieu Neysen
  • Lori Dortch
  • Kina Connor-Ortiz
  • Mary Dale
  • Sami Lambson
  • Trinity Pringle
  • Juls Tarango

The Outstanding Leadership category had 6 outstanding nominees. This category focused on hard-working student leaders. These students have held leadership positions within clubs, organizations, or within their discipline. They have managed other students, grown as a professional, and fought for the rights of students. These student leaders have shown an incredible dedication to others.

  • Madeline Cody
  • Alexander Linford
  • Sarah Linford
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Covert
  • Kristy Ferrier
  • Lori Dortch

The Outstanding Alumni category had 13 outstanding nominees.

  • Gary Lidman
  • Nicole Kalucki
  • Christina McGarvey
  • Felicia Cook
  • Haley Parker (nee Witham)
  • Brett Nachman
  • Mikah Carlos
  • Marissa Johnson
  • Chris Jovanelly