Excellence Under the Stars: Recognizing SCC’s Outstanding Students 2023

Monday, May 15, 2023
Excellence Under the Stars - student posing with awards
Students posing with awards

Every year, students at Scottsdale Community College surprise us with their ambition, their creativity, and their constant commitment to improving themselves and their fellow classmates. Excellence Under the Stars is an annual awards program that gives faculty and staff the opportunity to recognize a few of these outstanding Artichokes and to thank them for their contributions to making SCC such a special place.

More than 90 students have been nominated this year. For some, it’s for their commitment to Academic Excellence. Others are recognized for their Outstanding Contribution to the college and fellow students. SCC is also proud of the creative arts programs that draw talented artists and performers from all over the country, and the Outstanding Creativity Award recognizes some of these students that have shown immense dedication to their crafts. Finally, the Outstanding Leadership award is given to those whose passion for helping others has elevated not only their performance but has inspired those around them.

These students demonstrate exemplary academic performance, contributions, creativity, leadership skills, and civic engagement. The awards ceremony was an inspiring event that honored these remarkable students for their accomplishments and encouraged them to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Eric Leshinskie, SCC President, to our event as he gave a warm welcome and introduction. Our Student Experience and Leadership Manager, Kristine Alcon, Exercise Science, Personal Training, & Nutrition Program Director, Robert Martin III, Business Faculty and Honors Program Director, Cindy Gemberling, and Computer Science Faculty Senate President, Allen Watts, presented the awards to the deserving students. It was a thrilling evening as we expressed our gratitude towards those who made significant contributions to our SCC campus and community.

Continue reading to view pictures and a roster of recipients.

Outstanding Contributions category had 23 outstanding nominees. These students have contributed in some way to their community, their discipline, their class, or their department. They have worked tirelessly to leave a lasting mark at SCC.

  • Natalie Edwards
  • Scott Murphy
  • Emmalyse Lajoie
  • Zoe Beal
  • Jonathan Angeles
  • Iñaki Aparicio Molina
  • Callaghan Bauer
  • Gabriela Martinez
  • Grant Dasovic
  • Alondra Stiner
  • Ethan Brigstock
  • Jennifer Curtin
  • June Ziemek
  • Katelynn Gaunt
  • Luci Feldman
  • Mitchell Powell
  • Rosalind Rosaldo
  • Stacey Vogel
  • Stefanie Robinson
  • Will Burns
  • Trinity Pringle
  • June Ziemek

Outstanding Creativity category had 11 exceptional nominees. This category recognizes students who have created works of art such as choreography, graphic design work, projects, props, productions, and so much more.

  • Jordan Yanofsky
  • Sydney Krieger
  • Theodore Scott
  • Olec Voelker
  • Elva Howard
  • Jay Garcia
  • Kiersten Lujan
  • Kina Connor-Ortiz
  • Trinity Pringle
  • Mathieu Neysen
  • Savannah Phan

Outstanding leadership category had 11 outstanding nominees. This category focused on hard-working student leaders. These students have held leadership positions within clubs, organizations, or within their discipline. They have managed other students, grown as a professional, and fought for the rights of students. These student leaders have shown an incredible dedication to others.

  • Gehrig Duarte
  • Luke Doerner
  • Leah "Katie" Ferguson
  • Alexander Linford
  • Sarah Linford
  • Lindsey Lara
  • Matthew Peagler
  • Mitchell Powell
  • Stephanie Flores
  • Lisette Villa
  • Stacey Vogel