SCC Students featured on Amazon Prime’s “The College Tour”

Thursday, September 1, 2022
students on campus

Amazon Prime’s television series, The College Tour, provides prospective students a look at what it’s like to attend featured colleges and universities from a current student’s perspective. The series strives to make college visits accessible to all, regardless of geographic location or economic circumstances. This fall, students from all ten Maricopa Community Colleges (MCCCD) share experiences from their respective schools.

Four students from Scottsdale Community College (SCC) were chosen as tour guides for this season’s series, which offers unique episodes for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences (both versions offer closed captions in English).

Among their many reasons for selecting SCC, these featured students cited affordable tuition, small class sizes, and exceptional faculty.

Amaya Ellis, a nursing student, needed to attend classes online so she could care for her family. Curtis Wilmer, a psychology student, is re-careering after years in corporate finance and real estate. Alondra Moguel, a first-generation student in the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), works full-time as she pursues her dream of becoming a dentist. Flexible classes accommodate her work schedule. Camila Maldonado, an international student, selected SCC for its award-winning Dance Program. Hands-on experience with nationally recognized choreographers provides her with real-life training.


A Childhood Dream Come True | Amaya Ellis

Amaya Ellis, a nursing student, appreciates SCC’s small classes, flexible learning options, and affordability. She’s enrolled in SCC’s branch of the Maricopa Community College District Nursing Program (MCC DNP), which is offered both in-person and online. In addition to online instruction, Ellis takes advantage of SCC’s 24/7 online tutoring program to help her stay ahead of the curve.

The Mindset Behind a Career Change | Curtis Wilmer

After years in corporate finance and real estate, Curtis Wilmer decided to follow his dream and launch a new career. He’s studying to become a clinical psychologist. Wilmer selected SCC to ensure a strong educational foundation for his new path. In addition to affordable tuition and passionate faculty, he found SCC’s selection of classes to be varied and interesting. Flexible scheduling allows Wilmer to successfully balance work and school.

Overcoming Adversity as a DACA Student | Alondra Moguel

Alondra Moguel, a first-generation college student in the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), is studying to become a dentist. SCC’s flexible learning options allow her to attend school while maintaining a full-time job. Moguel believes starting at SCC was a smart choice – both financially and academically.

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Superando La Adversidad Como Estudiante De DACA | Alondra Moguel

Una estudiante de primera generación en el programa DACA. Esta ha sido una oportunidad que ha cambiado su vida y le ha permitido asistir a Scottsdale Community College.

Dancing to New Opportunities | Camila Maldonado

International student Camila Maldonado selected SCC for its award-winning Dance Program. In addition to hands-on experience with nationally recognized choreographers, Maldonado discovered that the program prepared her for all aspects of the industry, from set design and lighting to producing a show.

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Bailando A Nueva Oportunidades | Camila Maldonado

Camila, una estudiante de danza, nos contará por qué se sintió atraída por el programa de danza de SCC.

I had created a story that changing fields and pursuing my passion was going to be an ordeal filled with roadblocks. But Scottsdale Community College made it feel possible.

– Curtis Wilmer, psychology student