New Video Spotlights Fifty Years of Excellence at SCC

Monday, November 29, 2021
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Founded in 1970, Scottsdale Community College proudly celebrates 50 years of serving students and the broader community as a premier institution of higher learning.

Even though plans for a gala celebration and other events in 2020 were quickly dashed by the pandemic, SCC still wanted honor this golden anniversary by producing a special commemorative video. This 10-minute video captures vivid imagery of the campus over five decades, along with the memories and observations from community members who have enjoyed a long-standing affiliation with the College.

  • SCC sincerely thanks everyone for participating:
  • Sam Campana, Mayor Emeritus, City of Scottsdale
  • Mary DeCabooter
  • Jan Gehler, President Emeritus, Scottsdale Community College
  • Chris Haines, Interim President, Scottsdale Community College
  • Martin Harvier, President, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
  • Randy Nussbaum, Sacks Tierney
  • Doreen Reinke, RaisinBread
  • Dennis Robbins, Scottsdale Charros

Over the years, SCC has earned many achievements, from the quality of instruction to student support services, performing arts, athletics, community involvement and much more.

Read 50 Years of Accomplishments

Today, SCC continues to serve a diverse student population, including those who are new to college, as well as working adults looking to upskill and invest in their career growth. Our Fighting Artichokes graduates are making significant contributions across Scottsdale, Maricopa County, and beyond.